C.O.T. Lamen
Initiation, Magick, & Mysticism
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The Temple of Thelema is selective in seeking only those who truly desire to grow in Love, Power, and Wisdom, and to serve humanity in conformity with The Book of the Law. Membership is, therefore, only by invitation. Interested parties are invited to submit a Preliminary Application.

An investment of time and effort is expected and required from each member. Each is expected to put the Great Work foremost in his or her life; to dare, with courage undaunted, to perfect that Work; and ever to apply best effort to effect Harmony within the Order, and within the world in general. Temple of Thelema does not urge any person to seek membership. The decision to seek initiation must be an individual one. But the Order does make itself and its principles known, so that those who seek initiation may find that which they seek.

By this present letter, we invite all to search themselves sincerely and decide if they are of us.

Preliminary Applications for an interview, or specific questions, should be addressed to the Cancellarius of any working Temple or Pronaos (see the locations list).

By your present inquiry, you have taken a step that makes clear that your spiritual nature is seeking an avenue for its liberation and satisfaction. That avenue may be through Temple of Thelema, or through another path better suited to your own nature. Whatever your choice, we wish you the best in this, the most joyous and noble of all undertakings.