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Temple of Thelema has two levels of First Order bodies (or working groups): Temples, which are fully operating initiatory bodies, and Pronaoi (singular, Pronaos) — literally pre-Temples, Temples-in-the making.

When sufficient initiated membership exists in a new geographic area, the members will be authorized to form a Pronaos — a ceremonial and teaching group authorized to meet, celebrate ongoing group rituals, perform public ceremonies, and undertake other outreach activities. (This is in addition to the initiated members' personal practices.)

Currently, Temples exists in Los Angeles and New York City, and Pronaoi exist in San Francisco and Toronto.

A Pronaos may not perform initiations under its own authority. Various provisions are made for the initiation of approved candidates in developing areas. For example, approved candidates may travel to a Temple of the Order for the actual initiation ceremony.) Another option, especially if several candidates are approved for initiation at one time (so that this option is economically feasible), senior initiates may fly in from other areas to perform the initiations under the central authority of Nuit Mother Temple No. 0. (This requires certain additional steps, but may be the best approach for a given area.)

Once a Pronaos develops a certain maturity and stability, and meets the criteria for Temple status, it is fully warranted as a Temple and then performs its own initiations and Degree Work locally.