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In the Continuum

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

IN THE CONTINUUM is a Thelemic periodical, published by Temple of Thelema / College of Thelema from 1976 through 1996. It features writings by Aleister Crowley that are difficult (or even impossible) to find in print, or which are basic studies in the understanding of Thelemic principles expressed in Liber L. vel Legis.

For over thirty years it has been the leader and standard against which all other Thelemic educational periodicals have been compared. This journal includes basic instructional articles of value to all students of Thelema, and helps to clarify some of the profundities of Crowley's thought. Articles on Qabalah, tarot, magick ritual, basic astrology, the history of Thelema, and other related subjects are included which will assist the student to find his or her own True Will through self-knowledge. There is a regular section on the Qabalistic analysis of various numbers, as well as poetry by Crowley and others.

Issues appeared twice yearly, at the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes.

  • Volume I: 10 issues, 1973-1977
  • Volume II: 12 issues, 1978-1981
  • Volume III: 10 issues, 1982-1985
  • Volume IV: 10 issues, 1987-1991
  • Volume V: 10 issues, 1992-1996

All issues are available, and are kept in print. The superior proven value of their instructional content fills a great need among students of Thelema. Although issues can be acquired in any sequence, it is suggested that the magazine be studied sequentially, from Vol. I, Nos. 1-10 in succession, and on into Vol. II, etc., because many of the instructions are serialized. For example:

  • Crowley's Commentary on Liber LXV is serialized over five issues, from I:7 through II:1.
  • A series on the Thoth Tarot trumps and psychology continues over 10 issues, from III:7 through IV:7.
  • Soror Meral's biography of Crowley's disciple Jane Wolfe is serialized over 33 issues, from II:5 through V:5.

Download Electronic Copies

IN THE CONTINUUM is the core of College of Thelema's educational heritage, and continues to be central to our course work. Effective Summer Solstice 2008, it is being offered free in electronic form for download and use. (TERMS: College of Thelema retains all rights to IN THE CONTINUUM and ownership of all electronic copies. You are licensed to download a copy for personal use. No reproduction rights are granted except as they may already exist under the law. We request that you refer interested others to this web page so that they can download copies directly. There is no charge, but your donations to College of Thelema are appreciated. Please specify "For I.T.C." when you donate.)

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Download I.T.C. Volume I: (1973-1977)
Bundled: Issues 1 through 10

Download I.T.C. Volume II: (1978-1981)
Bundled: Issues 1 through 12

Download I.T.C. Volume III: (1982-1986)
Bundled: Issues 1 through 10

Download I.T.C. Volume IV: (1987-1991)
Bundled: Issues 1 through 10

Download I.T.C. Volume V: (1991-1995)
Bundled: Issues 1 through 10

(Electronic copies of the remaining issues are forthcoming.)

Ordering Printed Copies

You also may purchase any of these issues in printed form, much as Soror Meral first issued them. Each issue is US$10.00 postpaid, and may be ordered in any quantity. Five issues may be ordered together at a discounted cost of $40 total. Please send money orders only (payable to Gary Gage-Cole) to:

ITC Orders
PO Box 5375
Victoria, B.C. V8R 6S4 CANADA

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