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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

BLACK PEARL is a Thelemic periodical published by Temple of Thelema / College of Thelema from 1997 through 2002. In addition to printing interesting (and often unavailable) pieces by Aleister Crowley, its primary focus was on supporting students of Thelema at all levels and, in particular, using the established legacy of Aleister Crowley and the methods of A.'.A.'. as a stable platform for the next generation of aspirants.

Continuing the proud tradition of In the Continuum, BLACK PEARL includes articles on Qabalah, tarot, ceremonial magick, astrology, and more to assist the aspirant undertake and fulfill the Great Work. It is particularly strong in the area of magick ritual. Regular features include a column on the Qabalistic analysis of various numbers, a 10-part series of astrological and Qabalistic analysis of The Vision & the Voice, and a continuing series on how to construct magick ceremonial. Each issue is laced with poetry by Aleister Crowley, Soror Meral, and others, and features original artwork.

Eleven issues appeared twice yearly, at the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes. All issues are available in continuing physical or electronic publication. The superior proven value of their instructional content fills a great need among students of Thelema.

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BLACK PEARL and In the Continuum are the core of College of Thelema's educational heritage, and continue to be central to our course work. Both are now being offered free in electronic form for download and use. (TERMS: College of Thelema retains all rights to BLACK PEARL and ownership of all electronic copies. You are licensed to download and use a copy. We request that you refer interested others to this web page so that they can download copies directly. There is no charge, but your donations to College of Thelema are appreciated. Please specify "For Black Pearl" when you donate.)

NOTE: These are very large files due to the preservation of the colored covers. Download time may be long. Nonetheless, we recommend the multi-issue bundles as the most convenient way to store and access all of the issues. You may, however, also download individual issues. To download, right-click on the link and pick Save Target As.

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