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An Invitation to Contribute

Dear Friends:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

This letter is an invitation for you to assist us directly, in any of several ways, in the important work we are undertaking.

College of Thelema and Temple of Thelema have been growing and expanding in many ways. One of our accomplishments, in recent years, was the obtaining of our tax exempt status with the Federal government as a non-profit religious organization.

This accomplishment is already helping facilitate a more permanent physical vehicle for the College, and for both the Outer and Inner Orders of the Temple work. The foundation of the Temple of Thelema has been assembled, since 1987, through the dedication and commitment of its founders and members; and these individuals continue to give to its growth with their funds, labor, and love. But as the organization grows, extending even further its outward reach to benefit more and more of humanity in general and the occult community in particular, we are also reaching out to invite contributions, of various types, from those such as yourself who make up the greater community.

The underlying theory of Federal tax exemption for nonprofit organizations is simple. The U.S. Government, in one of its more intelligent moves, has determined that the general public should be encouraged to support and lend its (financial and other) energies toward institutions which exist primarily for the "public good," rather than for the profit of individuals. Individuals may donate money to such organizations, to support their "public benefit" activities, and in turn receive a reduction in their income tax. It is a way to avoid punishing people for good deeds! Not only funds, but also goods, services, and labor may be donated, and a tax reduction granted to the donor based on the fair price of the donation.

The College of Thelema and Temple of Thelema comprise one such “public benefit” corporation and, if you believe that what we are doing is of real service to you and/or others, this letter is an invitation for you to contribute in whatever way you can and will.

The following is a partial list of ways in which you can offer your support to this Order.


Sponsorships can be a contribution either of products or of money, and may be either credited or anonymous as you choose. With a sponsorship, you can direct the particular purpose toward which your contribution is applied. Examples of sponsorships would include: underwriting some or all of the costs (rent, food, advertising, supplies) for any of the public rituals offered by our various groups throughout the year; assisting with the publication of new material (books, monographs, etc.) by the Order; organizing and sponsoring public lectures both locally and in other parts of North America; supporting this present Web page (recently given by Magellan a Four Star rating, the highest rating received by any page on the World Wide Web).


Outright, unencumbered monetary donations are, of course, always welcome. Contributions of time or needed services are equally appreciated.

Any of the types of contributions mentioned above can be partially or fully compensated with a documenting receipt which will allow you a tax deduction for charitable contributions.


In building and maintaining its nonprofit status, the College of Thelema can benefit from written documentation stating its value, and demonstrating support from members of the community at large. If you are unhappy with what the government regards as "good for the public," this is your chance to vote and have a significant impact! Such written statements of support are valuable to us both from general citizens and from community leaders or representatives of highly regarded public institutions. Anyone who wishes to write such a public statement, demonstrating their appreciation for the work and service provided by the Order, is invited to address such a letter to the corporate headquarters of College of Thelema at: 4657 Davenport Ave, Oakland CA 94619.

ALL support and contributions of any kind — including simply your good wishes! — are truly appreciated. (You have our sincere thanks just for wading through this letter!)

In the near future, several avenues of expansion are planned. For example: As Soror Meral's journal In the Continuum concludes nearly a quarter of a century of publication, with its last issue coming out later this year, a new periodical is already in the planning stages to succeed it ("Succession is your proof!"). Temple of Thelema groups are being planned and developed for new geographic areas, to make them more accessible to more people; and existing groups are looking forward to providing more ritual, teaching, and other activities open to the general public, as personal, financial, and other resources permit. New books and other educational materials are constantly being planned (see our list of publications for an indication of what has already been done in just a few years). This Web page, already one of the best on the WWW (we can say this since the writers of the present letter are not responsible for the page's design, upkeep, or implementation!), will continue to grow and offer the best it can to a planet-wide community. By this present letter, we invite you to contribute to this growth and these services to whatever extent you wish.

Questions concerning any of the foregoing can be addressed by email to donate@thelema.org. Monetary gifts, or inquiries concerning specific sponsorships, can be directed to the Grand Imperator at the corporate headquarters address given previously.

Thank you.

Love is the law, love under will.

Board of Directors

Prolocutor and Grand Chiefs