C.O.T. Lamen
The Legacy of Jane Wolfe

The Book of the Law

Liber AL vel Legis sub figura CCXX as delivered by LXXVIII unto DCLXVI.

This book is the foundation of the new Aeon, and thus the whole of our Work.

It was dictated in Cairo between noon and 1 P.M. on three successive days, April 8th, 9th, and 10th in the year of 1904.

The Author called himself Aiwass, and claimed to be “the minister of Hoor-paar-kraat”; that is, a messenger from the forces ruling this earth at present. The elements are Nuit — Space — that is, the total of possibilities of every kind — and Hadit, any point which has experience of these possibilities. The third element is Horus, from whom we may come to perceive events as a continual growth partaking of both these principles.

The full detailed account of the events leading up to the dictation of this Book, with facsimile reproduction of the Manuscript and an essay by the Master Therion, is published in The Equinox of the Gods (Equinox Vol. III No. III).

The Stele of Revealing