C.O.T. Lamen
The Legacy of Jane Wolfe

Liber Collegii Sancti

This paper is to be returned to the Chancellor of the A.·.A.·. through the Adeptus admitting.

A.·.A.·. Publication in Class D.

G. The Task of an Adeptus Minor.

Let the Adeptus Minor attain to the Knowledge and Conversion of his Holy Guardian Angel.

                         THE OATH OF AN ADEPTUS MINOR.

    I,________________________________________________,  (motto)  being  of 

    sound  mind  and  Body,   and  prepared,   on  this  _____________  day 

    of__________________(An _________ Sun in ______________________degrees) 

    do       hereby      resolve:       in      the       Presence       of 

    _________________________________,  an  Adeptus of the  A.·.A.·.:  To 

    prosecute  the  Great Work:  which is,  to attain to the knowledge  and 

    conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.

    May the A.·.A.·.  crown the work,  lend me of Its wisdom in the work, 

    enable me to understand the work!

    Reverence and duty do I bring to the A.·.A.·.  and here and now may I 

    be admitted to the knowledge and conversation of the A.·.A.·.!

    Witness my hand[motto]____________________________________

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