C.O.T. Lamen
The Legacy of Jane Wolfe

Liber Collegii Sancti

This paper is to be returned to the A.·.A.·. by the Neophyte introducing through his Zelator.

A.·.A.·. Publication in Class D.

A. The Task of a Probationer.

0. Let any person be received by a Neophyte, the latter being responsible to his Zelator.

1. The period of Probation shall be at least one year.

2. The aspirant to the A.·.A.·. shall hear the Lection (Liber LXI) and this note of his office; IF HE WILL, shall then procure the robe of a Probationer; shall choose with deep forethought and intense solemnity a motto.

3. On reception, he shall receive the robe, sign the form provided and repeat the oath appointed, and receive the First Volume of the Book.

4. He shall commit a chapter of Liber LXV to memory; and furthermore, he shall study the Publications of the A.·.A.·. in Class B, and apply himself to such practices of Scientific Illuminism as seemeth him good.

5. Beside all this, he shall perform any tasks that the A.·.A.·. may see fit to lay upon him. Let him be mindful that the word Probationer is no idle term, but that the Brothers will in many a subtle way 'prove' him, when he knoweth it not.

6. When the sun shall next enter the sign under which he hath been received, his initiation may be granted unto him. He shall keep himself free from all other engagements for one whole week from that date.

7. He may at any moment withdraw from his association with the A.·.A.·., simply notifying the Neophyte who introduced him.

8. He shall everywhere proclaim openly his connection with the A.·.A.·. and speak of It and Its principles (even so little as he understandeth) for that mystery is the enemy of Truth.

One month before the completion of his year, he shall deliver a copy of the Record of his year's work to the Neophyte introducing, and repeat to him his chosen chapter of Liber LXV.

9. He shall hold himself chaste, and reverent toward his body, for that the ordeal of initiation is no light one. This is of peculiar importance in last two months of his Probation.

10. Thus and not otherwise may he attain the great reward: YEA, MAY HE OBTAIN THE GREAT REWARD!

    Liberty                                                      Life 
     Power                                                   Putrefaction 
    Destiny                                                      Death        

                         THE OATH OF THE PROBATIONER.

    I,___________________________________________________,  being  of sound 

    mind      and      Body,       on      this      _____________      day 

    of____________________________________________  (An  _________  Sun  in 

    ________________________degrees) do hereby resolve:  in the Presence of 

    _________________________________,  a  Neophyte of  the  A.·.A.·.  
    To prosecute the Great Work: which is, to obtain a scientific knowledge of 

    the nature and powers of my own being.

    May  the A.·.A.·.  crown the work, lend me of its wisdom in the work, 

    enable me to understand the work!

    Reverence, duty, sympathy, devotion, assiduity, trust do I bring to  the 

    A.·.A.·.,  and  in  one year from this date may I be admitted to  the 

    knowledge and conversation of the A.·.A.·.!

     Witness my hand____________________________________


     Love                                                          Light 
    Passion                                                      Perception
    Debauch                                                       Darkness

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